12 Amazing Free Fire Tips and Tricks Given By The Best?

free fire tips and tricks

Free Fire Tips and Tricks are the tips and tricks which are searched by players who are not able to perform well in this amazing game and want to do improve over their game through some free fire tips and tricks shared by other popular and pro players over this game.

These Genere games share an almost similar type of Game-Play and Control But Wait they have many dissimilarities that make them unique. The common thing is that we hit the button play we enter a lobby for a minute waiting for other players to join, and after a minute we are abord on an aircraft and we have to choose a location based on which type of map we have chosen and what type of gameplay we want. So the best of the free-fire tips and tricks for these would be shared with you.

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Step 1: Do Free Fire Hacks and Generator Realy Work

No, they don’t work and you are hoping that they would give you free stuff then you are just wasting your time.

They are there for nothing they just want to click on their site and they would ask you for your id and at the last moment they would ask for human verification which would never be completed and you would be just struggling to complete it. this is they way they earn.

Let’s be logical, games like free fire which are server-based have a high level of security on and it is not at all easy to break it.

Don’t think about those fake generators and use our free fire tips and tricks provided by pros and improve your game over time.

free fire tips and tricks

Step 2: Gameplay-

It is one of the most important topics of the game which has been regularly neglected by players thinking it is of no use but wait, you need to understand how the game behaves before you start playing. First, you should decide what type of player you are, do you like 

To rush on squads or do you just like to play it safe and take the game deep.

Step 2.1: Safe Gameplay –

If you love to take the game deep as you don’t want to take any risk for that win and you don’t care about kids so you should be playing safe as  –

  • Don’t take any unnecessary fight –  You should avoid fights as much as you can you should land in places where no one lands and if two teams are fighting don’t be the third one to join as the chances for you to die would increase by a big margin and you don’t want that. This is the most important free fire tricks for Safe players out of Free Fire Tips and Tricks(No Hack).
  • Carry a Silenced Sniper Rifle – You don’t want enemies to come closer to you so you want them to be dead a mile away and this could be possible if you have a sniper rifle with a decent scope, if possible try to make rifle silenced through which you would not be giving away your exact position to the enemy and you would be able to safely hunt down your enemies from a distance.

Step 2.2: Rush-

If you love to play the rush type of gameplay and you think it’s your style then you should continue it but keeping some important points in your mind such as-

  • Throw Grenade Before you enter- Throwing a grenade while entering a building is a good idea as it would push backward every player present in the building and may kill also and it would also make it safer while you would be entering as many players are camping secretly in the building and you never know who would be inside. This is an important tip and tricks of Free Fire Tips and Tricks(No Hack).
  • Have Automatic Guns – You are playing rush gameplay and are constantly engaging in gunfights, it’s normal for you don’t have more ammo for your primary gun and this could be disastrous if you are in mid-fight having a backup is never bad, you should be following these free fire tricks if you want to be a successful rush gameplay player. So must follow our free fire tips and tricks(no hack) and you see a gradual improvement in your rush gameplay.
free fire tips and tricks

Step 3: Use your Characters Strength- 

Garena offers you a wide range of characters which you could choose according to your playing style and your own personality, Like Gameplay this part is often overlooked and rarely anyone takes it seriously but choosing the right character is as important as choosing the right weapon so for helping you all we have included this in our free fire tips and tricks(no hack) blog, so lets take a look at all of the available characters –

Step 3.1: Character –

  1. Ford – Ford is an ex-member of a special elite force of the Navy with some special power. He has a special ability called Iron Will: This Reduces the damage it takes outside the safe zone.
  2. Olivia Olivia is a nurse who acts as a medic for the team if they need it. Her Special Ability is Healing Touch: The lucky players who would be revived due to her touch would receive extra hp as a bonus.
  3. Andrew – Andrew is an ex-member of special police who can thrash the criminals. He has a special ability called Armor Specialist: Through which he can reduce the armor vest durability. 
  4. Kelly – Kelly is a sprinter who can run for long-distance at a great pace. Her Special ability is Dash: Which increases her speed.
  5. Nikita – Nikita is a beautiful, professional, talented Bodyguard, she is a dream bodyguard for many. Her special ability Firearms Expert: She can reload the smg grade weapon faster than its original reloading time.
  6. Misha – Misha is a car racer and no one can dare to challenge her for a car race. Her special ability is Afterburner: it can increase the driving speed of the car and reduce the damage taken while inside the car.
  7. Maxim – Maxim is the fastest eater in the team and has a special ability called Gluttony: which reduces the time he needs to eat a mushroom or use a medkit.
  8. Kia – Kia is a known martial artist who has the ability of Muay Thai: which increases the fist damage.
  9. Paloma – Paloma is an underworld arms dealer and has great range of knowledge regarding arms and ammunition and specializes in Arms-Dealing: Any type of AR ammo will not take any space in the inventory.
  10. Miguel – Miguel is a popular character preferred by many players because of her special ability of Crazy Slayer: Which will make earn EP with your every kill.
  11. Caroline –  Caroline is a warrior who belongs to a rich family and has a special ability to Agility: which increases her speed when holding a ShotGun.
  12. Antonio –  Antonio is a psycho gangster who kills other gangsters with the special ability to Gangsters Spirit: which makes him receive extra  HP when the game starts.
  13. Wukong – Wukong is a monkey king who loves to eat bananas. And has special ability to Camouflage: which allows him to turn into the bush and avoid firing. 
  14. Moco –  Moco is a hacker who is considered legendry and has the special ability to Hackers Eye- through which he can tag enemy when he stopped firing for a few seconds.
  15. Hayato –  Hayato is the last character who belongs to a legendary samurai family. And has a very handy ability of Bushido: when his hp would be lower his armor penetration would be higher.

Special Character Free Fire Tips and Trick – Many Players use Miguel due to her ability and if you use her kelly and Kia in a single team the team would be deadly.

free fire tips and tricks

Step 4: Use Your Weapon Wisely

It is a topic that is not that important as it seems when it is compared to other important topics but you should choose your weapons on the base of your role in the team and your playing style. The Weapons category is not that important part of free fire tips and tricks(no hack) but you should also take a look at this table below.

Step 4.1: Table Here Of Guns

M1014 Shotgun
SPAS12 Shotgun
Dragunov Assault Rifle
Famas Assault Rifle
M249 Assault Rifle
M4A1 Assault Rifle
AK Assault Rifle
Groza Assault Rifle
SCAR Assault Rifle
M14 Assault Rifle
Kar98K Sniper Gun
AWM Sniper Gun
SKS Sniper Gun
VSS Sniper Gun
G18 Pistol
USP Pistol
M1873 Pistol
Desert Eagle Pistol
M500 Pistol
M79 Pistol
Bat Other
Grenade Other
Parang Other
Pan Other
free fire tips and tricks

Step 5: Looting Priority 

Looting is one of the most important parts of a battle royale game like free fire and you should have a good knowledge regarding what you should loot first and is it even necessary. We have Gathered free fire tips and tricks(no hack) for looting priority recommended by the pros.

  1. First Priority – When you land your first priority should be of picking up of guns, nothing else, no bags, no armor, nothing. Just imagine if someone landed with you and you are looting bag and armor then you are just looking for the other guy who just landed with you and the bags and armor would be taken away by him after killing him.
  2. Second Priority – After you have got a gun start looking for Bag, Armor, and ammunitions as if got engaged in a fight with any other player and he hits a bullet of a powerfull gun you would be knocked or dead right away as you don’t have a protective armor, and for long fights ammunitions are required and ammunitions take up space in inventory and for that you should have a decent level bag.
  3. Third Priority – Everything else comes in the third priority for you which includes meds and boosters etc. All these things are helpful at a given time but these items will not give a very big advantage on the opponent as the above priorities would give.
free fire tips and tricks

Step 6: Safe Zone is important 

Players overlook the position of the safe zone at times and they suffer later when they just have to run constantly to avoid damage from the safe-zone. Some times players wait for other players to come out of the safe zone as they had already suffered some damage and would not be able to survive an attack from the opponents. Safe zone location decides the movement of the players and you should be planning your movement wisely and you should be able to conquer an advantage high ground place through which you would be able to dominate other players but you should be alert as other would also try to conquer the same place and you should be able to defend advantage place.

free fire tips and tricks

Step 7: Which is Better Cover 

Covers are a very important part of the game as you are very target if you are shooting in the open anyone hunting with a decent scope can give you a Patt se Headshot and you are dead. While there are many options for you to use as a cover. But the popular three are –

  1. Building – Building is a great cover if you are able to get one at a vantage point, buildings offer a wide range of angles which you could use to stamp your enemies. But finding a building at the correct place is a little harder as you have to check the position of the zone and what type of building it is.
  2. Trees – Trees are a quick cover you could use if you are caught in open as they are very fewer chances that a building would be near you and you would be able to reach it, you never know who is in front of you and what type of inventory he is carrying, so hiding before a tree is a better option and a searching him where the opponent is from a cover is always a better option.
  3. Cars – Cars as a cover are often ignored but they could be a great cover if you use them wisely, if the last zone is purely in open you could blast the car and use it as a cover which would give you an advantage over the other players who don’t have any cover.

Step 8: The Real Life Saver Glueball?

Glueball is a temporary but life-saving shield that can change the outcome of the game and you will realize it when you will experience it. Just imagine you have been ambushed by another squad and there is no cover near you and your one of the teammate has been knocked, In this situation, the Glueball could be the only one you would be thanking Glueball as it would give some protection and enough time to react and to the firing and to revive your teammate.

Step 9: Right AirDrop at Right Time 

Choosing the right airdrop at the right time is not as difficult decision as it seems as you just have to keep some points in mind as described below. The airdrop provides you with special extra bonus items which could give you an upper hand in the game. This is one of the easiest to follow out of the free-fire tips and tricks(no hack)

  1. Best Time To Loot An AirDrop – The best time to loot an airdrop is the starting of the game as no one is looking for the airdrop and everyone is looking for the basic things such as armor and primary guns while you can just grab a gun and a vehicle and hunt the first airdrop as it would give all the high-level items in the first half of the game, but most of the time the luck matters as if the airdrop is far away and is falling in populated place, just leave it as there are many players to claim it and you are just not prepared to fight for it.
  2. Worst Time To Loot an AirDrop – The worst time to loot an airdrop is in the second half of the game and you don’t want to risk the win which you are going to get. This is the time when everyone is hunting and you don’t want to be an easy target. If you are reading these free fire tips and tricks(no hack) then you should not try to loot an airdrop at last moments of the game and you don’t want to waste all the efforts you have done to reach till this point of the game.

Step 10: Use the hidden features of Mini-Map

The mini-map is a great tool that you should use if you want to dominate other players and this is a part of Garena free fire tips and tricks(no hack) which you reading. Mini-maps is a tool that is often thought of as a piece of shit that just takes space on the screen, but my friend this is not the case. You can use it for – 

  1. Know Where Your Team-mates are going –  You should definitely know where your teammates are going so that if they are going in the wrong direction you could stop them or check yourself first whether you are not going away from them and yelling at them that they are going in a wrong direction.
  2. Enemy Fires it Shows On The Mini-Map – When an opponent fires on you and you are not able to judge from where the bullet was fired, then take a cover and a quick look at the mini-map which would show you a mark from which direction the bullet was fired and you will not be wandering in all the direction, looking for him/her.
  3. Safe Zone near me – Safe Zone could be destructing as talked about above, but with the help of minimap you can judge when to move without looking into the big map and this would save you some time and may prove to be a lifesaver.
  4. Don’t have a Vehicle look in Mini-Map – You are wandering in search of a vehicle and you are not able to locate it, why not see it in minimap you might have missed something very important.  
  5. The danger area is no more a danger – Going in danger are is a nightmare and you might end up losing everything or nothing if you are lucky but why to take a risk, check the location of danger area on the map, there might be a near you. Wait And take a look.

Free Fire Tips and Tricks(no hack) Last Step 11. Eating Mushroom will provide you EP/Life 

Medkits are great. Aren’t They? But what if you don’t have one, you can get an Extra Life yes an EP, these you can use when your health is lower down or you don’t have a medkit to fill up your health, then you can use mushroom which freely available in the game. 

EP is so special that it has been honored with an extra bar that would be slowly filling your health bar. But in some cases, you should not be dependent on the EP bar to fill you, during the fight prefer using a medkit which would be 10000% faster and would save you your game.

Step 12: Conclusion

Free Fire tips and tricks(no hack) are not enough you should spend more time in the game and learn by your experience definitely by using our free fire tips and tricks you would be able to see some instant improvement but you will learn more on your self. The most important fact is that stay away from those fake-free fire hacks which are there just to waste your time and earn money. Be happy and use our free fire tips and tricks.

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