Best 90s pc games

Best 90s pc games worth looking on.

We do remember best 90s pc games which we used to play in our childhood, but upgradation is the law of life. But we always remember those days when we used to play with our friends. We all have some memory related to games of childhood. Old games are magic which is not just asked by the elders but children also love to play such interesting games. Old computer games have created their own genre and its own image in the minds of gamers.although the graphics would not be there to be comparable to that of modern games such as GTA 5 but the fun would be unlimited.

“OLD is always Gold” With this, we present you the top best 90s pc games which you would be enjoying to play and will be remembered all the time.

Top best 90s pc games are

Best 90s pc games

Counter-Strike 1.6 –  One of the most successful game series in the world is counter strike and is one of the most iconic games of all the time. Released in 2000 this game which popularised the term multiplayer. It is game basically where there are two teams Terrorist and Counter-Terrorist, you get to choose your team in the starting or if don’t want to choose you to choose random and you even have a variety of maps to choose from according to you will. The choice of weapon is also not small covering almost all variety of guns, this was one of the best pc games of the 2000s.

Best 90s pc games

Fallout 2 –  When you look at the image, you will understand that Fallout has covered a long distance since the launch of its Fallout 2 in 1998 but it is based in 2241 which take place after 80 years of Fallout and after 164 years of the war which took place. It is role-playing, open world game where you get to jump, fire drive and other features which you expect from an open world game, making it one of the best 90s pc games.

Best 90s pc games

Road Rash – It is a series of games related to motorcycle racing. It is a highly rated game with ok graphics which you enjoy with features including driving, kicking and knocking of the players using your hand. These features have the main hand in the popularisation of the game which gave the player an unmatched experience while the first version of the game was released in 1991 it continues to be in heart of the gamers making it one of the best 90s pc games and best pc games of the 2000s.

Best 90s pc games

Project IGI – A tactical first-person shooter game which was based on covert operations and stealth but unlike some games of its time if you blow up your cover and you are detected by the guards your mission would not and now instead of being stealth now you will fighting the swarm of the guards which are stationed. A reason for its success was its realism. It offered a very realistic environment to play being released in 2000 it was one of the best 90s pc games and best pc games of the 2000s.

Best 90s pc games

Duke Nukem 3d – A game which credited with term to popularise the first person shooter games. Duke Nukem 3d is a sequel to the platform games of Duke Nukem And Duke Nukem II. Like others shooter games this also contains the choice of guns and gives and an outstanding atmosphere to play and what could be funnier than having a multiplayer as well as a campaign mode where you fight against the aliens. While it was released in 1996  it was one of the best 90s pc games and best pc games of the 2000s.

Best 90s pc games

GTA Vice City – An open world, action adventure game developed by the famous game publishing company Rockstar games. This was one of the first successful open world game from Rockstar games. The game is placed in the fictional city of Vice City there is a person named Tommy Veracity who because of you would be ruling the city and there are series of missions whom you would be performing to make him the ruler and the richest gangster in the city apart from the missions you can even enjoy the city while driving the car and having a free roam. The game was released in 2006 it is one of the best 90s pc games and best pc games of the 2000s.

Best 90s pc games

Age of Empires 2 – It is a real-time strategy video game published by Microsoft based on creating your won kingdom by collecting resources, building a strong army, creating structures required, etc. It allows you to capture other nearby towns, village, and kingdoms through 4 ages and location from the game starting is medieval Europe. The game is full of feature which you can use to grow your kingdom such there are villagers unit which you can use to collect resources, not dependent on their gender there is the ability for them and one of the best 90s pc games and best pc games of the 2000s.

Best 90s pc games

Star Wars: Rogue Squadron – The game style is arcade action and was one of the most successful games of its time. This was the first game of the series of the rogue squadron out of the three. The game like other old star wars game is based on space combat in the arcade form. Anyone who is a fan of star wars knows about this amazing game. Which was released in 1998 and is one of the best 90s pc games and best pc games of the 2000s?

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pubg lite india

PUBG LITE INDIA Get Ready for Gorgeous

Pubg lite India, for which we were waiting for a long period of time would finally be with us very soon. The very great news was first posted on the official pubg lite page on facebook.

Many of us have tried to play this game through VPNs and other side methods because this game was initially just released in few countries for beta testing but now all of this hassle is over. Very few of us were able to run this game and those who were able to run this game did know about the latency which they had to face but leaving that aside this game has a lot to offer especially in India where budget pc are very common.

pubg lite india

If you don’t know about PUBG LITE INDIA

Pubg lite INDIA is a game developed by the same company as the PUBG PC but the PUBG PC version was a very demanding game in terms of specs and even at good specs it was not running smoothly as it was not optimized for any kind of pc and it was not even free. Solving all the problems a game was launched called PUBG LITE which has the same controls as the Pubg PC but has graphics and VFX taken from the mobile version of the game known as PUBG MOBILE which was a huge success in Indian Sub Continent and South East Asia. Eventually, they released the game in some specific countries such as Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, etc.

pubg lite india

So when will PUBG LITE INDIA release

Currently, the release date of PUBG LITE INDIA is yet not disclosed but they have officially posted an invitation for their event in Kolkata called Gamer Connect Kolkata on 13th of June or by some sources it is said that it would be available on steam from June 25th. Many of us are assuming that the game would be launched within the event itself which is 13th June. Conducting an event for the gamers on the release of the game is a great strategy by the company to connect to the consumers and leave an effect, it is rumored that many of the pubg stars would be present there and would be playing a launch game which would be very unique. And if you are going to the event you would be receiving some in-game reward for free which was mentioned by the official post by PUBG LITE INDIA on their Facebook page.

pubg lite india

What would be its effect on PUBG Mobile?

According to many of the experts in the industry, the effect of PUBG LITE INDIA on PUBG MOBILE would be very minimal considering the platform on which the games are being played and even for the emulator players it would be hard to adjust to the physics of the game and blend into it. Pubg is a game which is to be enjoyed playing with your friends and in an average of 4 school friends only one plays multiplayer games on his/her personal computer, it is a place where the pubg mobile draws all with it as it is mostly played on mobile phones and tablets which generally everyone has access to. PUBG MOBILE in one year has grabbed a huge market of INDIAN PLAYERS and its popularity has risen day by day. We would be looking forward to PUBG INDIA LITE for the similar performance as the hype is at its peak for the game.


The Indian Gaming Community is still in its childhood and it isn’t mature enough so shaping it in a correct way would be really important if we want our country to recognize in Gaming World. While the existing gaming community is primarily focused towards PUBG MOBILE and mobile gaming with PUBG LITE INDIA it would get a new platform and there would be new possibilities to be discovered. It is rare to see any clan or a group of gamers coming together even before the release of the game which we are seeing in INDIA.

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Genuine Coin master free spins are here 1

Genuine Coin master free spins are here

Every one needs coin master free spins who all have played the iconic game. One thing you cannot survive in Coin Master is Coins, the prime most currency in this phenomenal game. These coins are subjected to the number of Spins. The spins are of great significance, for they decide the fate of the player’s richness in the game. Best Phone for gaming under Rs.10,000|RealMe 6 Pro

In order to pave your way to more coins, you need more spins and we will tell you how to get them. Keep reading to find out the exemplary methods:

coin master free spins

Coin master free spins way 1.) Forget not to watch the promotional videos and ads

Every game is made with the purpose of monetization. The means of making money are the promotional videos that come in between the game. These videos are for you to see. Watching more and more videos will fetch you a great number of free spins. Use these spins to do reaching heights in the game.

Coin master free spins way 2.) Open the chest

The game provides a wooden chest that you can open to complete the card collection which will help you complete the levels and will reward with the coins and free spins.

A Handy Trick for you for coin master free spins

Coin master free spins way 3.) Connect To Social Media

Connecting to social media in any game rewards you let it be a coin master or clash of clans.

In coin master, if you connect to Facebook and you will receive a reward for connecting and if your friends are very nice to you and feel they extra spins can gift it to you and in the same way if you feel you have extra you can gift it to close friends. Coin master rewards you with 40 free spins if you invite new players for the game.

Coin master free spins way 4.) Test Your Luck With Lucky Spin

We are not telling coin master hacks but indeed we are telling you the ways of getting coin master free spins and rewards and in the most games the reward is sometimes easy to achieve as coin master free spin can be luckily redeemed by you using the lucky spin.

Coin master free spins way 5.) Have Good Friends

coin master free spins

Having good friends who play the coin master makes it very easy for you to get coin master free spins. As mentioned earlier they may gift you the coins, spins and other rewards. This will even improve your friendship because when they send you to gift you receive a notification

That you got a free spin or 10k coins and you have the chance to gift it back.

Coin master free spins way 6.) Social offers are a big opportunity for coin master free spins

Every game provides you with some social offers such as download an app for which they would reward you a big amount of the in-game companies. You would have more than spins you want.

coin master free spins

Coin master free spins way 7.) You feel you are rich

If you think your parents would allow you to spend your money on the game which you love then you should definitely invest in the game which would reward you with coin master free spins.

Coin master free spins way 8.) Save your spin now get coin master free spins

You will receive 5 spins per hour, using them immediately will not make any exception. Do not get panicky when it comes to the usage of the spins. Use them when they are collected in a good number. If you use your spins every hour, you will end up making no better profits out of it. You will earn the minimum amount of currency that will not help you in buying anything in the village. Do not collect small bits and pieces of money because you will not be able to spend it. And eventually, it will be stolen from the other parties.

A good number of spins will help you get a good amount of currency. This will help you buy multiple things in the village

Amazing GTA 5 tips and tricks to change your game 2

Amazing GTA 5 tips and tricks to change your game

Rockstar Games’ Grand Theft Auto 5 undoubtedly qualifies as one of 2013’s best games, an epic adventure with hours’ worth of gameplay, an extensive multiplayer mode, and blows around each corner.

With that, we put together a list of 10 fundamental tips that will help you get the most from the game, whether you’re letting your weapon do the talking or just feel like failing off with a jumbo jet.

Gta 5 Tips and Tricks

Gta 5 Tips and Tricks 1.) Take Cover

While in gunfights, someone like Trevor may be too cocky to find cover, shooting enemies while staying in plain sight. Honestly, though, a cover is your best play. By touching the proper button next to an object, you’ll find enough cover most of the time – except enemies blow it apart quickly – where you can avoid and take out enemies with ease. Don’t wait too much in the open, because you’ll be looking at a massive hospital bill as a result and losing all your progress.

Gta 5 Tips and Tricks

GTA 5 Tips and Tricks 2.) Kill Your Enemies Quickly with a Head Shot

When killing enemies, the best kind of shot to take is a headshot. Sure, you can hit them in the arm and/or leg, but that doesn’t unavoidably mean they’re down for the count. Massively armoured enemies – we’re talking high-level police officers and mercenaries – will take a lot more damage than your normal gunman. Try to line up your shot and take it. This will ensure their quick death and save you a headache when you want to end the gunfight

Gta 5 Tips and Tricks

Gta 5 Tips and Tricks 3.) Buy a Hangar – and Save Yourself Airport Trouble

Entering an airport or military installation can easily spell trouble for your Wanted ranking – especially if you have a gun drawn or try to take a jumbo jet with security on your tail. If you want to ease up the pressure a bit, invest in a nearby hangar. This will let you access most air facilities, though some are still fastened. It may be expensive, but it could save you trouble down the road – especially if you really want to boost that 747.

Gta 5 Tips and Tricks

Gta 5 Tips and Tricks 4.) Take Some Time and Relax

You might think that side activities are rather worthless when it comes to getting your life of crime on, but in fact, they can provide an additional boost to your character. For example, doing yoga with Michael will help develop his special ability skill, and playing golf and/or tennis will be a great way to ease up on energy loss after consistent missions. Moreover, these activities provide a nice change of pace from the usual confusion.

Gta 5 Tips and Tricks

Gta 5 Tips and Tricks 5.) Max Out Your Weapons

When it comes to getting the most from your guns, you’ll want to level them up as quickly as possible. This will improve their efficiency, bullet capability and firing capabilities, which can make all the difference when it comes to gun battles. Stop by Ammu-Nation when you have some extra cash on hand, and go ahead and level up your favourite weapons. You’ll see big changes the next time you get into a fight

Gta 5 Tips and Tricks

GTA 5 Tips and Tricks 6.) Let Chop Find Collectibles

There are a large number of collectables hidden during Grand Theft Auto 5, including UFO space pieces and other cool goodies. However, they aren’t always in plain sight. That’s why it’s good to have a dog like Chop around. He can smell out collectables, making it easier for you to pick up stuff. Simply download the iFruit app for your  real mobile device – relax, it’s free – and select “Make Chop Hunt For Pick-Ups.” He’ll do the rest – when he’s not humping a lady friend, that is.

Gta 5 Tips and Tricks

GTA 5 Tips and Tricks 7.) Nail the Landing With Your Car

When it comes to mid-air jumps, you have a neat trick on your side that will help you with landing – you can control it in mid-air. Once you come off a big jump, use the left analogue stick to twist your vehicle around so that you land as cleanly as possible. You may be invited to perform a mid-air stunt, but you could also leave yourself open for a disastrous wreck. Think carefully and hit the landing – you’ll thank yourself later when you don’t have to take your car to a repair workshop.

Gta 5 Tips and Tricks

GTA 5 Tips and Tricks 8.) Use the Secondary Driving Camera Only When Necessary

When it comes to pursuing someone, you may be tempted to use an alternate “follow” camera angle, which takes your eyes off the main road and concentrates on where your victim may be heading. Unfortunately, this is a formula for disaster, mainly because it takes your eyes off the road. If you aren’t careful, you’ll end up colliding with passerby traffic or perhaps even a regular wall, distancing you follow target even further. Stay on their tail and only use the “follow” camera when you absolutely must too. You’ll survive longer.

Gta 5 Tips and Tricks

GTA 5 Tips and Tricks 9.) It Pays to Help Your Fellow Man

When it comes to side missions, it may not appear like you’re receiving much in return. You’d be surprised how some can pay off, though. If you come across a bike thief, take them out and then return the stolen vehicle to its proper owner. Sometimes you’ll get a simple thank you, but one, in particular, is a wealthy CEO who will line your pockets with $100,000 in stock as a result. See? It pays to have good judgment.

Gta 5 Tips and Tricks

Gta 5 Tips and Tricks 10.) Watch Yourself When Attacking Security Trucks

Robbing a security truck may seem like an ideal way to cut and run with some money – particularly compared to more complex heists. But, you’ll want to prepare for trouble when breaking into one. After installing off the sticky bomb that’ll open the truck, keep your gun on stand-by and prepare for action from both the drivers and any nearby police. Then, after you’ve taken care of them, grab what you can and hit the road. Don’t stick around the crime scene or you’ll pay for it later.


Free Fire Hack

Free fire Hack (Tips And Tricks)

We have brought you Free Fire Hack but this is not literally free fire hack it is the tips and tricks through which you can play like a hacker

A survival battle royal, game played on mobile where players are left in an isolated island where there is only one winner – the last man standing.

The land there…..pick up weapons and start eliminating other players

Free fire Hack (Tips And Tricks) 3

Free Fire Hack 1. GAME-PLAY

If u have just started playing this game, it will take some time to understand the gameplay.

But we will tell you all the tips and tricks to win this game easily. Here they are

Free Fire Hack 1.1) CHARACTERS

When u start this game u will get two players by default

Adam and Eve but they don’t have any special ability unlike others, so there is 14 character except Adam and eve.

Free Fire Hack 1.2)WEAPONS

This game includes a variety of weapons like smg, Assualt rifles, snipers, grenade launcher, and melee weapons

All of them have some purpose and specifications, you have to use every weapon according to the situation.

Free Fire Hack 1.3)MAPS

There are two maps Bermuda and purgatory, the latter one is larger than the former one.

Free Fire Hack

Free Fire Hack 2. TIPS AND TRICKS

Free Fire Hack 2.1)character-

  • Andrew (male) -ability – Its ability to make vest fragility decreases
  • Kelly(female)- ability -ability to run fast
  • Nikita (female)- ability-Reload submachine gun faster
  • Misha(female)-ability -Driving speed increased
  • Maxim(male)-ability -Reducing mushroom feeding time and medkit use
  • Kla(male)-ability – Fist Damage increased
  • Paloma(female)- ability-increases AR ammo carrying capacity
  • Miguel(male)-ability -Get EP for every kill
  • Caroline(female)- ability-When using a shotgun, the running speed increases
  • Antonio(male)-ability -Receive extra HP when the match starts.
  • Wukong(unknown)-ability -able to turn itself into the bush for tricking other players as a camaflouge
  • Moco(male)-ability -This character’s ability allows the enemy to be seen for a few seconds and can be seen by teammates.
  • Olivia(female)- ability-Players who are revived by Olivia will get an additional HP.
  • Ford(male)-ability -Reduce Safe Zone damage

NOTE:- Ability of every character increased and improved by updating with gold coins. not by Free Fire Hack

TIPS:-choice of character totally depend on your gameplay for example if you like to use shotgun then Caroline is important for you must be added as in one of your slot available. this is not just Free Fire Hack but also tips and trick

similarly, fist damage is very crucial at the beginning of the game when everybody looking for a weapon and if you have Kla ability you can give heavy damage to an opponent or even kill him/her.

so based on popular combination here are some good combination of characters:-

Free Fire Hack




4) MAXIM+NIKITA/Caroline+KELLY(Nikita if you use smg otherwise Caroline)

5) miguel+kelly+andrew


  1. Aim precision -comes in three variant default, precise on the scope and full control

        Default is good for beginners because it aims always get on the body even if you trying for a headshot. and perfect for moving targets precise in scope is good for players who lock their aim easily and comfortably. Although without scope it works same as default so remember if there is a   moving target then u have to shoot without using scope, but if the target is steady then use the scope and take a headshot.

full control is quite difficult for shooting.but can be used if you have enough gameplay experience and can control ur aim perfectly, usually advised for players who use to play on pc.

TIPS:-  Best setting use precisely on the scope and remember these setting can be changed within the game itself according to situation and Guns.


Free Fire Hack 2.3)SENSITIVITY:-

Free Fire Hack



Free Fire Hack 1.4) BASIC:- graphics much depends on your device


if you have a low-end device (RAM LESS THAN 3 GB) use smooth to standard

if you have high-end device (RAM MORE THEN 3 GB WITH GOOD PROCESSOR)use ultra (quite useful when somebody using silencer), and within ultra choose very bright and HIGH FPS if your device allows although high fps consume more battery.