The Top Best Valuable Facebook Statistics To Know 1

The Top Best Valuable Facebook Statistics To Know

Facebook represents a frequently evolving selling platform and communicating particularly given the recent news coverage and insights.  As marketers, we have a tendency to habitually hear customer/prospect insights regarding their views of all social media channels that need the U.S.A. to form intelligent, digitally-driven selections in ways that to speak with our audience. the subsequent statistics highlight key relevant Facebook facts and might ultimately assist you to navigate it higher, increasing your come on investment (ROI) and resulting in larger selling success. the primary quarter demographic update was provided by Facebook on Gregorian calendar month twenty-four, 2019. info|the knowledge|the data} below includes the foremost current information provided directly by Facebook. we’ll still keep you denote as before long because the data is updated directly from Facebook. Then want to help throughout creating Facebook ads now then contact Facebook phone number.

Core Facebook organ as reported  in Q1 2019 IR Statement

  • How many workers will Facebook presently have: thirty-seven,773 as of March thirty-one, 2019, a rise of one year year-over-year.
  • What is the mission of Facebook:  “Founded in 2004, Facebook’s mission is to relinquish folks the facility to make the community and convey the globe nearer along. folks use Facebook to remain connected with friends and family, to find what’s happening within the world, and to share and specific what matters to them.”

This data is formally updated once per quarter.

  • Worldwide, there are over a pair of of.38 billion monthly active users (MAU) as of March thirty-one, 2019. this is often associate eight % increase in Facebook MAUs year over year. this is often compared to a pair of.32 billion MAUs for this fall 2018. (Source: Facebook 4/24/19) Facebook is solely too massive to ignore as associate on-going a part of your digital selling communications program.  Please note the last item on this list for the entirele|the full|the overall} range of individuals who currently use Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, or traveler each day on the average.
  • 1.56 billion folks on the average log onto Facebook daily and are thought-about daily active users (Facebook DAU) for March 2019.  This represents associate eight % increase year over year (Source: Facebook as of 4/24/19). 66 % of Facebook’s audience would be thought-about DAU versus Monthly Active Users (MAU).  The Implication: a large and immensely growing range of Facebook users are active and consistent in their visits to the location, creating them a promising audience for your selling efforts.
  • Mobile advertising revenue is reported consistent with Facebook to represent around ninety-three % of advertising revenue for Q1 2019.  This was a similar share for this fall 2018 that was up from eighty-nine % in this fall 2017. there have been one.15 billion mobile daily active users (Mobile DAU) for Dec 2016, a rise of twenty-three % year-over-year. this is often massively important and shows the dramatic growth of mobile traffic on Facebook. Please note that this was the last official notice received in IR press releases of a delineation of mobile DAU from different metrics.
  • There are one.74 billion mobile active users (Mobile Facebook MAU) for Dec 2016 that is a rise of twenty-first year-over-year (Source: Facebook as of 02/01/17).  
  • On average, the likes of and Share Buttons are viewed across nearly ten million websites daily. (Source: Facebook as of 10/2/2014)
  • In Europe, over 307 million folks are on Facebook. (Source: computer program Journal) The Takeaway: This isn’t simply a U.S. development – a worldwide market is obtainable via Facebook.
  • Age twenty-five to thirty-four, at 29.7% of users, is that the commonest age demographic. (Source: Emarketer 2012) What this suggests for you: this is often the prime target demographic for several businesses’ selling efforts, and you’ve got the possibility to have interaction these key shoppers on Facebook.
  • Five new profiles are created each second. (Source: ALLFacebook 2012) The Implication: Your potential audience on Facebook the growing exponentially.
  • Facebook users are seventy-six feminine (out of 100% of all females) and sixty-six male (out of 100% of all males). This stat is one that you simply extremely have to be compelled to believe as a result of its scrutiny the proportion of all females against the proportion of all males World Health Organization are on Facebook support number. To dig a touch deeper take a glance at this study that will away higher job at explaining the nuances.
  • Highest traffic happens mid-week between one to three pm. On another note, a Facebook post at 7 pm can lead to a lot of clicks on the average than posting at 8 pm (Source:  Forbes). Go figure. however this may facilitate you: you’ve got the potential to succeed in a lot of shoppers and drive higher traffic to your web site throughout peak usage times, however, folks are also a lot of possible to be a lot of engaged within the evenings. This datum is also an element once you are coming up with social communication planning. (Also think about that Facebook incorporates a world audience, therefore you’ll need to arrange around the geographical zone of your key market.)
Best turn-based strategy games you would love playing

Best turn-based strategy games you would love playing

Best turn-based strategy games are an underrated topic which we have here for you to know about and be up to date. PCs are the home to games that take hours to complete, and it’s no surprise that the top turn-based strategy game is a long one. nowadays most of the games are turning to action and excitement but there are many players who always chases after that slow and steady thinking pace game to work strategy on mission rather than killing a character in the game.

Turn-based strategy games bring out the more to think, ponder and plan our moves with as much expert. Turn-Based games require a bit more patience and strategy than action games. 

As long as turn-based strategies exist, turn-based combat will live on. Because it provides something that rest just can’t bring to the table.

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What is a turn-based strategy game?

turn-based strategy game is a strategy game where players take turns when playing in which all players play simultaneously.

There is some basic rule of the turn-based game which is mostly followed in every best turn-based game include.

The player who starts the match is decided randomly or before the game starts, and the gameplay consists of a fight between two players who start the match with some health points which deduce or gain as per player action or with zero points to reach a required limit. 

Each of the players turns, they have to choose one of the actions below:

  • give some damage to the opponent;
  • heal or create a better option  for itself;
  • a random option above with a bonus in the result;
  • wait for the timeout and pass the turn doing nothing or waste turn by move with no actual effect on the game.

Recently mobile game develops a lot in marketing and development. there is a more mobile player than pc player as mobile is very handy and various turn-based RPG game android games take a very import part of this development.  As they help the mobile game community to reach a new height. 

Here are our picks for top turn-based strategy game of android 

Best turn-based strategy games 1.) Clash Royale

Best turn-based strategy games

This turn-based android game is developed by the same developer of the famous game  Clash of Clans. The objective of the game is to battle human opponents in real-time via frantic card-based battles where you have to defeat the enemy’s Crown Towers and king tower while defending your own.

To be successful in Clash Royale, you’ll need to understand the strengths and weaknesses of all the different cards and their rarity, then use them very strategically during battle. Play the wrong card at the wrong time and it might cost you a well-played game. Patient and prediction are the keys to win every game.

The longer the play and the more trophies you collect, the more cards you unlock with their unique ability and weakness.

Clash Royale is one of the best games of 2016 which is rated by various organizations and by google play users.

There is a similar a game called Coin Master And we have an article for Coin Master Free Spins.

Best turn-based strategy games 2.) XCOM: Enemy Within

Best turn-based strategy games

XCOM is a turn-based strategy franchise. XCOM: Enemy Within is an expansion for the game XCOM. The objective of the game it to stop aliens from invading earth. As an XCOM commander, you’re tasked with controlling your team of troops as they set off on missions to take out aliens with proper strategy by understanding ability and weakness of troops 

Enemy Unknown and adds a new array of abilities, upgrades, and weapons to help you counter the alien threats. This game is released a year ago but still holds up as one of the best strategy game experiences for Android. Each turn, you can control your troops and move them into position around the mission map to counter the advancing aliens. After completing missions, you’ll head back to the XCOM Headquarters where you’ll be able to upgrade your troops and unlock new abilities based on your success in the field. Better the mission better chance of upgrading.

Best turn-based strategy games 3.) Ticket to Earth

Best turn-based strategy games

Ticket to Earth is a turn-based tactics game developed by robot circus. The game includes board game elements, match-three elements, and more. Action in Ticket to Earth takes place on an isometric grid of a square that resembles as disco’s dance floor. The character walks along a path of the same symbols and colors. The longer the path, the more damage the character does. It’s quite neat.

 Characters can perform two actions either a mix of movement orders and ranged or melee attacks. Floor tiles come in four different colors with unique combat powers. Red tiles denote health, Yellow tiles represent melee attacks, purple tiles are ranged attacks, powers and green denote mind powers. By completing objectives and you will be rewarded with tokens that can be used to upgrade your talents. Every upgrade improvements attack bonuses and health enhancements of character.

Best turn-based strategy games 4.) The Battle for Polytopia

Best turn-based strategy games

This turn-based game features polygon tribes battling for control of the battle arena. The game features simple turn-based gameplay that is easy to learn and play. The world in Polytopia is a 15×15 square grid and you can create a custom game that either end after 30 turns, or play until only one tribe remains. 

After every turn, you collect stars based on the number and size of the cities you control, which you can spend on upgrading your tribe’s technology tree, building troops, or collecting resources. You have to play wisely, how you spend your resources and position your troops on your turn.

There are multiple ways to play this turn-based android game. For solo play, you can create a custom game, pass-and-play multiplayer option, which lets you set up a custom game among friends.

Best turn-based strategy games 5.) Holedown

Best turn-based strategy games

The puzzle game that mixes in a healthy dose of strategy. The objective of the game is to mine, starting with an asteroid and working your way up to the Sun, using bouncing miner balls that reflect from wall except starting the wall and then eliminate brick before it reached to start the wall. Each brick has a number that represents the number of hits needed to destroy it completely.

It’s very quick to pick up and play this game, but the strategy is to strike as many as brick on one go-to achieve maximum point. As the bricks are curved, is difficult to predict the whole path of ball predicting a specific path is quite important as the screen moves up one row after every shot. If the blocks reach the top of the screen, then it’s game over. Along the way, you will collect crystals which are spent on upgrades your ball to achieve more balls per shot and more shots per round. These upgrades are crucial to is this game.

If you’re a fan of physics-based puzzle games then Holedown is well worth your money

Best turn-based strategy games 6.) Banner Saga 1 and 2

Best turn-based strategy games

The Banner Saga 1 and 2 are two of the most finest strategy RPGs. They each feature interesting storylines, and solid combat mechanics and a variety of playable characters with unique artwork and abilities. 

Gameplay follows a linear storyline that heavily affects the story of the game by every choice player made throughout the journey. itself is more or less pre-set, but decisions making capability makes this game more interesting and unique.

The second game adapts the first game and includes a new character race. Which employs a deep narrative and strategy to this RPG game.

Best turn-based strategy games 6.) Pandemic: The Board Game

Best turn-based strategy games

 Pandemic: The Board Game is a tactical board game that tasks you with stopping four deadly diseases before they consume the world. This mobile version of the popular strategic board game provides a real challenge. The objective of the game is to cure four contagious diseases from spreading and taking over the world. This is a pass-and-play game to play with friends, and everyone has to work together and use your teams strategically to win the game and save the world. 

You select your characters at the start of the game having specific roles to help eradicate the diseases. Picking character will have a big effect on your team’s ultimate success. You must plan ahead and use all your resources effectively in order to succeed in this turn-based game.

Best turn-based strategy games 7.) Terra Battle

Best turn-based strategy games

Terra Battle is a unique tactical RPG  game but the core mechanics are the same as other strategy RPGs, with scaled-back anime-style graphics and faster battle mechanics.

At first, you greatly overpower the enemy by defeating them a pretty simple matter. But later enemies will not only start behaving more intelligently, but they’ll also throw out a variety of special attacks and higher HP than before.

 You will have various characters and classes that you can collect, upgrade, and customize. Terra Battle contains hundreds of game maps and unique characters to collect. As you proceed in the game you will find a various special item to help in completing a various mission.

Best turn-based strategy games 8.) Heroes of Steel

Best turn-based strategy games

Heroes of Steel is a four-episode tactical RPG.which contain a separate story of all four playable characters, each having different storyline and different personality. The combined playtime of all four stories adds up to about 120 hours of gameplay.

Like most of the games nowadays this game also includes character customization, retro-style graphics, and a lot more. The combat mechanics of this game are based on classic tactical RPG, but still pretty simple. You can explore areas by moving around individually or as a group by tapping on the location you want to move to. specific skills are used to perform various task like uncovering traps, picking locks, or healing, etc

Best turn-based strategy games 9.) Brown Dust

Best turn-based strategy games

Brown Dust is the latest turn-based strategy RPG game of 2019. It contains Japanese style RPG elements, animations, game elements, and story style. The key features of the game are its combat system that is very unique and one of its kind.

The game features multiple numbers of heroes to collect, upgrade, and fight with. it requires plenty of strategic thinking. The objective of the game is to gather the strongest mercenaries across the globe and harness their powers and skills. With players tactical abilities. It contains about 1,200 stages to complete along with all of the weekly and monthly challenges and tasks. 

Overall this is one of the best turn-based RPG game of 2019.

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Educational Games In The 90s

Educational Games In The 90s

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Educational Games In The 90s

Educational Games In The 90s we don’t know because today we live in a pixel-perfect era of high definition 4K video games. Landscapes are sprawling and stunningly immersive. We can connect games to the cloud to conserve our data storage. But just a few decades ago, our primitive video games consisted of nothing more than pixelated blobs and bouncing lines. which later become the building block for all these high-resolution game with improved physics and graphics quality with real-time gaming experience. 

But all these features are nothing as compared to happiness and satisfaction we got after playing the game in our childhood with our family and friend. We all grow up playing these game throughout our childhood. We all have some memory related to playing our favorite 90s games of childhood as a kid, either winning, losing, trolling younger sibling or having fun killing a random character in the game and explore new place through best 90s pc games available at that time. In 90s computer games for kids were are also available 

We have an amazing video from WatchMojo Related to this topic

Early 2000s computer games created a new era for the gaming industry with a list of educational games which provide knowledge and fun at the same time  With the rise of the ’90s, games started to become more competitive, innovative, and consistent. Even the professional e-sport player started their gaming journey playing with the best 90s pc games as a beginner 

You can make the argument that games today look better due to the shiny graphics but the best pc games from the 90s have unique storyline and effect on every individual.

We’ve picked our top recommendations for the best educational game in the  90s you should try out.

Educational Games In The 90s 1.) Civilization 

Educational Games In The 90s

Civilization is one of the best educational game in the  90s. It introduced the concept of starting a civilization during prehistoric times and advancing it toward the modern age. It is a turn-based strategy video game. 

The game’s objective is to “Build an empire in 4000 BC era ” and the players attempt to expand and develop their empires through the ages from the ancient era until modern future times.

 Particularly, there is a greater balance between military might and diplomacy this is the reason that Civilization is considered as one of the best educational pc games of the 90s era. The game’s amusing cutscenes featuring actors portraying council members lent a certain air of levity to the otherwise serious task of expanding one’s empire.

Educational Games In The 90s 2.) Myst

Educational Games In The 90s

Myst is one of the best 90s game as it draws in and won’t let you go. You enter a unique setting venturing alone to varied time and place the world that composes Myst

This  90s game dropped players on a mysterious island where they needed to solve a myriad of mind-bending puzzles to advance. Myst was a true adventure game that encouraged players to carefully explore every part of the island there is no instruction and you encounter no living being Though it’s probably a tad slow for modern gamers

You might solve a multitude of puzzle, logic, maze, and problem, but Myst’s principal attractions are its environment and the drama as unfolds as you explore while playing this educational game from the you play more the more it gets interesting

Educational Games In The 90s 3.) Logical Journey of the Zoombinis

Educational Games In The 90s

This game is the greatest educational game in the 90s ever made. It is made for children, but the activities are so fun and cute. The zoombinis are adorable, and have is a great way to involve the kids in the zoombini adventure. You help zoombini to travel around so that they can all be happy in Zoombiniville.

If you complete the challenges, buildings get built in Zoombiniville. As you progress in the game you can see the empty fields of the town filling up with zoombinis, buildings and even fireworks when you get further along.

As you progress through the game, the difficulty levels get harder, until the challenge level becomes too difficult for some children.  This can mean that you won’t ever finish the game, but this doesn’t matter, as the game doesn’t change at all once the top difficulty level is reached, except for extra buildings in Zoombiniville. 

So, overall this is one of the best 90s computer games for kids which is best as educational pc game Still, this game is tons of fun while it lasts, and I heartily recommend it for any child, who want to add this game in your list of educational games    

Educational Games In The 90s 4.) Reader Rabbit Preschool

Educational Games In The 90s

 Reader Rabbit Preschool has been designed to interest children and encourages learning of basic kindergarten skills, such as mathematics, phonics, reading, and listening in multiple contexts.

 It’s so effective at teaching kids to read and write that it is considered one of the best 90s computer games for kids. The voice acting is superb and the story. The graphics stand out most. It feels like Reader Rabbit is in my living room. The best part of these educational pc games that you don’t have to be in preschool to enjoy this amazing game.

Early 2000s computer games might not be as good in graphics and sound quality but they still provide enough to learn from them.

Educational Games In The 90s 5.) Mario Teaches Typing

Educational Games In The 90s

90s computer games list can’t be complete without one of the most famous games of all time, As a child in a house full of gamers, everyone adored Mario Teaches Typing. One of five educational Mario games, it put the pixelated plumber to good work teaching us how to type, while providing an experience of playing Mario game. Players actually learned how to type by frequenting chat rooms. As a result, a player can type an impressive number of words per minute

The objective of this 90s computer games for kids is to clear various level while leaning typing with series of an obstacle with a correct click of the alphabet as shown in the screen the player allows a wide variety of actions to be performed such as stomping a Goomba. This game also features an alternate game mode, where the player will type a letter that is a symbol for a word.

Educational Games In The 90s 6.) Math Blaster!

Educational Games In The 90s

Math Blaster was designed to help children to master mathematics grades 1 through 6 in an exciting and interesting manner.  The learning activities were graphically-appealing in motivating and challenging students. In the game the Trash Alien flies by, captures Spot and departs, leaving garbage everywhere. Blasternaut and his superior officer, Galactic Commander, and notifies her of the situation. Galactic Commander on identify the criminal and sends Blasternaut on a mission. This 90s computer games for kids give a unique experience while traveling throughout the space fighting alien in UFOs and escaping before self-destruction while solving math problem., traveling with a robot guide throughout the journey

It is one of the most educational games in the 90s ever built as it teaches the player about the effect of garbage on the planet and in the living organism. 

Educational Games In The 90s 7.) Treasure Mountain!

Educational Games In The 90s

Treasure Mountain is a fun educational game in the 90s series from The Learning Company. It is also the first in sub-series of treasure that had a few more games.

Treasure mountain a 90s computer games for kid  Designed for ages 5 to 9, children will be captivated by the game’s vibrant graphics, fun gameplay that combines platform action with math problems, and excellent online help. They will spend many hours solving puzzles, doing math problems and looking for hidden treasures and sharpening their math skills without realizing it. The goal of the game is to get up to the top of the mountain, collecting treasures along the way.

The game’s overall theme is very similar to the other “Treasure” titles, but the specific activities, problems, and graphics are different. It is a must-have educational game of the 90s for all parents looking for a nice, introductory-level algebra title for their kids.

Educational Games In The 90s 8.) Odell Lake

Educational Games In The 90s

Odell Lake is an educational game of early 2000s computer games era. aim of the game is to gain knowledge about the food chain and relationship between the predator and prey. The game contains various species of fish and their interaction between each other player has to chose between various option to act according to the situation either to eat the prey or escape from a predator with a certain condition. If the wrong option is chosen player is told why they were wrong and asked if want to try again and if the correct answer is chosen player will then move on to the next creature. Point is earned by giving the correct answer according to the situation. Every five correct answer will switch which fish is in the role to next fish in the food chain.

Overall this game from the list of educational games is worth to try and arguably one of the finest game of the 90s era 

Educational Games In The 90s 9.) Combat Chess

Educational Games In The 90s

Early 2000s computer games bring Combat Chess by Empire Interactive which is a decent clone of Interplay’s venerable classic Battle Chess that is long on glitz but short on computer intelligence and computer intelligence is one of the most important aspects of a computer chess game. The 3D-rendered animated pieces are fun to watch, and the fantasy theme is evoked quite well with dragons and knights on the battlefield. It is very nice to watch animation which makes the experience different than a classic chess game 

Overall, Combat Chess is definitely a good chess game that is probably only fun for beginners or casual players who care more about graphics than gameplay.

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