PUBG LITE INDIA Get Ready for Gorgeous

Pubg lite India, for which we were waiting for a long period of time would finally be with us very soon. The very great news was first posted on the official pubg lite page on facebook.

Many of us have tried to play this game through VPNs and other side methods because this game was initially just released in few countries for beta testing but now all of this hassle is over. Very few of us were able to run this game and those who were able to run this game did know about the latency which they had to face but leaving that aside this game has a lot to offer especially in India where budget pc are very common.

pubg lite india

If you don’t know about PUBG LITE INDIA

Pubg lite INDIA is a game developed by the same company as the PUBG PC but the PUBG PC version was a very demanding game in terms of specs and even at good specs it was not running smoothly as it was not optimized for any kind of pc and it was not even free. Solving all the problems a game was launched called PUBG LITE which has the same controls as the Pubg PC but has graphics and VFX taken from the mobile version of the game known as PUBG MOBILE which was a huge success in Indian Sub Continent and South East Asia. Eventually, they released the game in some specific countries such as Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, etc.

pubg lite india

So when will PUBG LITE INDIA release

Currently, the release date of PUBG LITE INDIA is yet not disclosed but they have officially posted an invitation for their event in Kolkata called Gamer Connect Kolkata on 13th of June or by some sources it is said that it would be available on steam from June 25th. Many of us are assuming that the game would be launched within the event itself which is 13th June. Conducting an event for the gamers on the release of the game is a great strategy by the company to connect to the consumers and leave an effect, it is rumored that many of the pubg stars would be present there and would be playing a launch game which would be very unique. And if you are going to the event you would be receiving some in-game reward for free which was mentioned by the official post by PUBG LITE INDIA on their Facebook page.

pubg lite india

What would be its effect on PUBG Mobile?

According to many of the experts in the industry, the effect of PUBG LITE INDIA on PUBG MOBILE would be very minimal considering the platform on which the games are being played and even for the emulator players it would be hard to adjust to the physics of the game and blend into it. Pubg is a game which is to be enjoyed playing with your friends and in an average of 4 school friends only one plays multiplayer games on his/her personal computer, it is a place where the pubg mobile draws all with it as it is mostly played on mobile phones and tablets which generally everyone has access to. PUBG MOBILE in one year has grabbed a huge market of INDIAN PLAYERS and its popularity has risen day by day. We would be looking forward to PUBG INDIA LITE for the similar performance as the hype is at its peak for the game.


The Indian Gaming Community is still in its childhood and it isn’t mature enough so shaping it in a correct way would be really important if we want our country to recognize in Gaming World. While the existing gaming community is primarily focused towards PUBG MOBILE and mobile gaming with PUBG LITE INDIA it would get a new platform and there would be new possibilities to be discovered. It is rare to see any clan or a group of gamers coming together even before the release of the game which we are seeing in INDIA.

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