Thinking How to Block a Number in iPhone?

Thinking About, how to block a number in iPhone, Maybe someone is disturbing you or you just got broke up and don’t want to contact each other.

Whatever the case would be but we are here to help you around, if you don’t want to read about how to block a number in iPhone, then just watch the video on How to block a phone number in iPhone.

Why Block a Number On iPhone?

Before blocking a number in ios you should be clear why do you even want to block a number. Sometimes this could be just aggression towards anyone but most of the time there is someone who is disturbing you. 

If the case is not serious you should reconsider should you really block the person and if you block an important person you might not be able to get the correct explanation.

how to block a number in iPhone

How to block a number in iPhone with ios 7 and later?

You are using a modern phone which has ios 7 and later, and you want to block the number then Apple is standing just with and enables you to do it with ease and you can do it in very simple steps.

You can do these to block numbers in ios from messaging, calling and FaceTime and you just have to follow these easy steps.

  1. Click on the Settings App Icon
  2. Then click on the Phone option or General if you are using IOS 10 or bellow.
  3. The Next Step would be of selecting cells.
  4. Then you have to choose call blocking & identification.
  5. Click on the Block Contact
  6. Then you can just the contacts which you can choose to block.

If you want to know how to block the numbers in iPhone which are not in your contacts then you should do this – 

  1. Go to your home screen 
  2. Chose you Open the Phone App
  3. Then tap on Recents 
  4. From there you would have to choose icon next to the number you want to block and click on the block number option.
  5. Yahoo! The number is blocked.
how to block a number in iPhone

How you can block a number in iPhone if you have IOS 6 or Earlier?

The First advice we would be giving you is to upgrade to the latest one because upgrading to the latest IOS is free and this would enhance its performance. But there are some devices which can’t be updated anymore after some point.

You could still block a number on iPhone but you have to do some extra work to do so. But if you want to block a phone number in iPhone with IOS 6 or Earlier then there are basically two steps to do so.

So follow these steps if you have ios 6 and earlier and want to know how to block a number in iPhone.

how to block a number in iPhone

1. JailBreak Your Lovely iPhone

Jailbreaking is not a legal thing and has risks involved and it is sure that your warranty with Apple would not be applicable anymore.

But high-risk high reward, jailbreaking your iPhone would allow you to use a wide range of apps that are not authorized by apple but could be useful to you.

Read this article by on how to Jailbreak your iPhone.

Got your iPhone jailbreak and now follow these steps to know how to block a number in iPhone having ios 6 and earlier.
  1. Now you want to find a call blocking app
  2. Search on the Cydia App Store for an app called iBlacklist
  3. Install the iBlacklist app
  4. Restart your iPhone.
  5. Open the iBlacklist app
  6. Click on Blacklist
  7. Add a number to the blacklist manually
  8. Set the call icon to on and message icon to on if you want.
  9. Now click on Action to be Performed
  10. There would be many options and you can choose one of it and save it and you are done.
how to block a number in iPhone

2. Don’t Want to jailbreak your Phone then do this

If you don’t want to risk your phone by jailbreaking and this is what we recommend.

Simply follow these steps and know how to block a phone number in iPhone.

Set up an unwanted caller account
  1. Click on the unknown number
  2. Create a new contact
  3. instead of naming it on company or person name it as ignoring or anything you understand.
  4. And if you don’t want to look at the phone then add a different ringtone other than your existing.
how to block a number in iPhone

Hot to block a phone number in iPhone if the caller id is disabled –

Everyone knows that you can block basic call block by just hiding your caller id and this could be done in iPhone settings and should be a matter of interest to you, so no unwanted person is calling you.

Use a Call Blocking App

Call blocking apps could be very useful and most of the times the perfect solution and the perfect answer to your question of how to block a number in iPhone.

Some of the apps suggested by our team are –

how to block a number in iPhone
  • Call Controls – Call controls is a call blocking app which is free, yes it is free and is for IOS’s devices. It can block unknown numbers, private numbers, personal blacklist, community blacklist and SMS from spam.
    Download Link – App Store
  • True Caller – True Caller is a very popular app and has millions of downloads on the apps store. It has google drive backup and is able to detect spam calls and even block them.
    Download Link – Apps Store
  • Mr. Number – It is ranked in one of the best spam call blocking and is very useful. It can block fraud, spam and other types of calls.
Contact Your Phone Company

Think that someone has just crossed the limit and this has gone over the water, then you should consider contacting your phone company and explain your situation and they would take care of the rest.

how to block a number in iPhone

We hope that you got your answer and if someone would be disturbing you in future you would be able to take care of them and teach them a good lesson and they would not be disturbing anyone in the future.

Think you are getting disturbed by this and you should understand this too and it might not happen that someone reads our article and decides to block you. Have Fun 🙂

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