Unity vs Unreal Engine 4! The Fair Fight?

unity vs unreal engine

Unity vs Unreal Engine would be a fair fight but it depends on what way are you going to interact with the engines if you are a beginner who has just started out then go blindly with unity or else you are an experienced 3AA developer then you would prefer Unreal Engine.

Unity vs Unreal Engine is arguably one of the most trending questions in the game development industry, and we assume you have the same thought in your mind and you are just getting in the game development.

These two engines are one of the most powerful engines in the present era. Even if the Big studios are developing their own engines but as a newbie, you don't want to waste your time in this hassle.

This is a quick difference for unity vs unreal for Edcuba

unity vs unreal engine

When you are not developing your own engine, the industry is offering you numerous options and it is your duty to choose the right one. While doing so you must have encountered this as your question Unity vs Unreal Engine.

Your Decisions should be based on some factors which we are going to discuss now.

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What type of Game are you developing or have an idea of - 

The Game which you want to create or you think have an amazing idea which would revolutionize the whole world is the first factor which should be considered on the first hand.

You don't want to choose the engine which is not able to satisfy your needs, then there is no point in choosing it and trust me you have just wasted your time and internet resources if you choose the wrong engine.

If you are making games which is probably a 2d Platformer or maybe an endless runner, for which with no argue you should be going with Unity which would make it easier to develop your game. 

If you want to make a high-end AAA Title Game or a simple 3D one then you would love to go with the Unreal Engine as it is the goto engine for the development of 3D games. It is not that Unity can’t handle 3D games, it could handle the games very easily and if you are comfortable with Unity to give it a try. Believe me, this only is not enough for you to decide your answer on this question with Unity vs Unreal Engine.

unity vs unreal engine

The Scary! Programming Languages

Ironically to the heading programming languages aren’t scary, they are like maths if you understand them you would fall in love with them and if you don't like maths then also you could learn to program just give them a try.

While both engines use somewhat similar programming languages but one is the big brother who is very popular, just like me. Hey! I am a popular guy in school man.

The Unreal Engine is supporting the big brothers, so ladies and gentlemen welcome the tough ones C and C++. While the engine is user-friendly but the supported languages are not that user is friendly.

Learning a new programming language could be a headache and that to ones like C and C++, but they come with their own pros, If you are smart and lucky enough to understand the languages, then it would be much easier to learn other programming languages as all of them share some similar concepts.

The Easy Unity Engine is supporting the popular and trending C# or you could call it simply C Sharp which is an easy language when you compare it to giants like C or C++. The Language has gained some popularity in recent years because of the growing trends of game development and the Unity Engine itself.

The Programing Languages play an important role in picking one of the giants, assume if you already know anyone of the languages and why you should be wasting your time on learning a new language and when you could use this time to bring your ideas to life as fast as you can.

unity vs unreal engine

The Financial Requirements

The most underrated aspect of Unity vs Unreal is the financial part, in which you have to decide which version you are going to take and if you managed to finish your game because of the magical powers from the god which I don't get, then how much percent you have to pay for the Royalties

Unity offers a free version to its customers, which is a powerful engine in itself but there are some limitations, for example, the intro screen cant is removed in the free version which could be a big deal for someone who is releasing a commercial game.

For the newbies, this should not be a big problem as you would be learning and making small games which you can launch with the Unity Intro. And Learning unity is much easier than Unreal.

But If you think you have some experience and you would be able to navigate through a somewhat easy interface of Unreal Engine and don't want to pay money but you could pay the royalty which you would have earned it. But it's very less.

Unreal Engine has 5% Royalty Charges but it is free! Free!. Yeah Man. Epic Games would earn 5% of the earning and they don't have a free version or a paid one, so there is no tension of upgrading it and paying for something because you would be getting everything for free with full functionality.

If you are not willing to pay any Royalty or you think your idea would make you millions and you could afford a starting pack then choose the UNITY Engine and If you are on a tight budget and want to save on the Engine choose Unreal Engine.

unity vs unreal engine

Team Size Matters 

The team size with which you would be working should be a major part of your decision as you don't want to always share your hard drive from here to there than anywhere.

Team size could depend on the type of project you are doing, maybe you are just making a simple 2d game, which would require a very small team but you are making a big battle royale game like Free Fire which would be having a popular Free Fire Tips And Tricks then you would be having a big team size.

All of these engines have some limitations to themselves when we talk about sharing your project through the cloud. Unity has a built-in sharing function that allows you to share your file with a person. Unreal Engine also shares a similar function for sharing a backing up your data.

Sharing Projects is only half done. If you could afford a team then and you are using the Unreal Engine then you should assign someone to do the shaders other is doing models and another freak is doing programming.

If you are just starting and don't have friends who are also interested in Game Dev then you would like to go with Unity because it has a very easy to use UI and your workload would also somewhat love.

unity vs unreal engine

The Graphical Powers 

Graphical Appeal could be a game-changing factor for your game, it could be in the form of pixel art or in form high graphics 3d AAA Title Game. The Perfect Example for Popular Game with low Graphics is Minecraft and for AAA Tile needs no example.

When it comes to the engines. Both of them are very good to an extent but when we compare these two then they are just at another level and You would love choosing the Unreal Engine.

Unreal Engine is Becoming an Industry Standard for the High Graphics Game and believe me a good example would be PUBG, Yes! Playerunknown's BattleGround. This game just changed the trend of gaming all over the world. While we could assume the power of Unreal Engine with the Success of PUBG.

Unity Engine, No Doubt has some serious horsepower in its hood but when we are talking about Unity vs Unreal the clear winner for this would be Unreal Engine and this is not a much-debated result. 

Ease Of Use in Using

unity vs unreal engine

We can't declare one easy just because it makes us feel that it is more easy to use. The Result comes with your preferences and yes programing language does play an important role in all these.

Unity has been voted easier to use by millions and when in Unity vs Unreal it is definitely easier to use the engine. The Unreal Engine has powers but less of the looks when we compare it to Unity. 

But Admit it, comparing Unity vs Unreal in looks is the same as Comparing Cristiano Ronaldo to Virat Kholi. I hope you understand. The final result is in your hands.

unity vs unreal engine

Final Unity vs Unreal Engine: Conclusion 

We conclude that the game engine in which you are choosing to rely on some factors lets you recall them. 


  1. Game Idea 
  2. Programming Languages 
  3. Money 
  4. Team
  5. Graphics 
  6. Ease of Use 

We recommend you the easy to use Unity if you are a new player in the industry of Game Development and want to learn then you should give it a try.

If you are an intermediate or an experienced bird then you would be going with Unreal Engine to take your ideas and you to a level you have never reached before.

So with this, we come to an end of Unity vs Unreal or unreal engine vs unity or unity vs unreal for beginners or unity vs unreal engine or anything you might have searched for.

You could Download these Amazing Engines From Here:

  1. Download Unity Engine

2. Download Unreal Engine

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