Unity vs unreal – which engine to prefer?

Unity vs unreal - which engine to prefer? 1

Today we will discuss two such engines which have set records in popularity for smaller game developers. I am talking about the unity engine & unreal engine.

This is almost like differentiating microsoft and apple.

Both are enriched with similar properties,AAA quality graphics are produced by both of them,also they have huge links with standard software in industry.

Another thing which needs to be focused is their expensive toolbox.They include physics simulation, animation,terrain editor,advanced lighting, VR support etc.

Nowadays it is not easy to differentiate among both the engines like it use to be before. Now we just can’t say by simply glancing at a game.

It basically now depends on the game designers to make their game look a certain way. Which is a good thing indeed.

But look my friends i won’t declare it a tie yet, both engines have their own benefits & drawbacks.

And this article will aid in deep to deal with all your curiosity and issues regarding the two titans unity vs unreal.


This engine with the motive of enabling everyone to access game development was founded in 2004. it has released the dreams of many by proving the fact wrong that only big companies are accessible for game development.

The newest game developers use unity as their prime tool.And not just they but every single game developer knows unity as a root. C# coding language makes it easy to learn & understand.

Also some listed ways huge asset store, great community, tons of tutorials and some online courses.

All of these factors above make unity a promising option for beginners and small teams.

List of games made with unity

  1. DeusEx: the fall
  2. Assassins creed: identity
  3. Satellite reign
  4. Escape plan


the game engine is developed by epic games dating back to 1998. It has been recognized for its graphics and presence in gaming culture.

The makers have also made certain changes in its pricing model,which is a good news to the smaller developers as they can now get access to unreal as well.it involves some intimidating interfaces. The documentation too is quite fuzzy comparatively. unity has a wider community.

This engine is also packed with efficient and high level graphics.It will also give the powerhouse of game engine.If you master its features & tools you’ll win over vision.

There are certain efforts which are being made through visual coding system to make unreal even more accessible, As discussed earlier its documentation is fuzzy, improvement in its documentation is taking it’s way, unity has a wider community, so major focus on establishing a community too came into effect.

Now the horse powers

Advances such as 2D and fully 3D rendered games, PBR, GI, volumetric lights,post processing, advanced shaders are supported by both the engines.

They both support similar advances which implies that using any of them would give us the similar result.

Unreal is more applicable and unfortunately here unity falls short.

unreal graphics

Unreal graphics attracts attention because of some solid tools making it look just out of the box, as you drop it in. It includes volumetric light, post processing, lens flares etc.

The lighting

unreal comes with super smooth & accurate lighting. If we have to compare the lighting in unreal to unity the former one is better. To make it look more amazing we can bake the lighting with production quality, they show almost no graphical glitches.

Shadows have a polished look in unreal lighting.

Material editor

This material editor works similarly to Maya or 3DS max, these two are other 3D softwares. The material editor helps us to create material & tweak it. We can adjust quickly iterate feedback in unreal.

Post processing

the cinematographic feel in films is similar to this system. It offers you options such as grading, lens flares and volumetric effects etc.

It can also help us in colors change so that you can set the mood for areas on your map.

Unity graphics

When we talk about the good appearance of result, unity somewhere fails to charm us on this matter. And we may not get the desired result but everything can be achieved with determination & dedication, if applied both together in sufficient quantity we can get there.

The lighting

Unity has a modern lighting system. Whose technology is latest such as PBR and GI.

But we may still find baking of scene lighting frequent times.If we talk about shadow detail definitely unreal has a better approach to it unity but isn’t that bad.

But the latest updated version of unity is more light weight lighting model.

Material editor

it has next to no material editor.but if supports the maps, occlusion maps, base texture etc.

You still would have to do a lot of stuff such as swapping back and fourth between texturing program & unity.

Post processing

it is downloaded from the asset store and we can install it for free. Though it is offered too, It is packed with lot of limitations and error. It is unpolished if we compare it to unreal.

Learning curve

Unity has a better learning curve.the interface in unity is intuitive. The good part is that we can experiment with the engine and can try other games too.

We can understand the unity curve easily and also can share it with others.

Forum post is another way to clear your perplexity if you have any.

Unreal uses c++ which is quite difficult to approach. There is the blueprint system which will help you as well. But you need to have a proper knowledge of c++ for unreal.

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